Institutional accounts enable many Plagium users from a company, university, government agency, etc. to have their own accounts managed from an Administrator account assigned to the institution. The Administrator creates the individual Plagium accounts, and caps the number of search credits that can be consumed in each account over a month. Because the search credits are pooled across all of the Plagium users within the institution, volume discounts more readily apply when the Administrator purchases search credits.

To sign up for an institutional account, simply:

  1. Select “Sign In” (located in the upper right of the Plagium main screen)
  2. Enter a new user name and password, then the additional information requested about the Administrator.
  3. Check the Institutional Account box, and from there enter the information requested about the institution.

The above steps will establish the institutional account. When the Administrator logs into Plagium again, an institutional menu will appear on the screen that enables the Administrator to:

  1. Create a new user or delete an existing user
  2. Purchase search credits
  3. Review account usage of Plagium users

There is presently no limit to the number of accounts that the Administrator can set up for the institution. To prevent excessive consumption of search credits, it is suggested that the Administrator limit the number of search credits that each user can consume in a month. This limit is easily entered in the account management for each user.

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